Cave Spring High School Football

November 18, 2019

So, this is where things get weird for me. I graduated from Hidden Valley High School in 2006. Our fiercest rival was Cave Spring, because we stole half their students when we opened the door. So ironically when I was responsible for the entire Cave Spring football program, I had to take care not to let bias get the best of me. Man, I could have hidden so many things in their programs but year after year they were lucky to have an entirely accurate 58 page booklet that was often built from scratch.

One year I built the entire booklet in indesign from blank and had it out for proof in just 3 days; we're talking pictures, bios, advertisements, records, rosters, table of contents, cover, themes, and continuity. I was able to build these layouts with print in mind, so I kept the file sizes lightweight and the colors in the appropriate color space. Organizing 58 pages worth of content and tying off an entire program with minimal changes after the initial proofs definitely feels like a portfolio worthy accomplishment.