Kinderdance International

November 18, 2019

One of those very different clients I worked with was Kinderdance International. In a nutshell, Kinderdance is a developmental dance program for children aged two and older. They approached us in search of someone who could manage their existing art files and make changes necessary to create printed pieces that they would, in turn, sell to their franchisees. Their art files were a catastrophic mess. They had dated graphics and horrible kaleidoscope patterns that were layered over dozens of times into an elaborate disarray that somehow came out as printed double-parallel brochures. I basically decided that it was best to rebuild these from the ground up. I recreated the brochures to exact specifications. We did a couple runs of these and then it clicked that I could have a bit more fun with these. 

The next step took place when I was tasked with an informational postcard. Something that would act as a summary but also be visually appealing and captivating. I took this project to heart and established a hierarchy that gave the printed piece depth and engagement. I did all the illustrations and created a very finely tuned piece that they soon incorporated into their programs internationally. 

I spent forever going back and forth with our client, making minor tweaks and changes on their brochures. One day I got fed up with the silly small back and forth with the client ending up feeling like "there's something missing.." I jumped back into the project and tried to incorporate dynamic typography, bolder decisions, and a tighter fit. I pushed more of my own creative style into it and was met with a "you just blew my mind" as a result. From that moment on the branding became more of a creative endeavor. They already changed their logos around and the whole image needed to be modernized. When all was said and done at Minuteman Press, I had produced 7 different posters, 5 different brochures, a few different postcards, and numerous signs and banners of all sizes. I intended to continue to work with this client in the future and further establish their brand going forward but have since cut ties with the company.

I have so much additional imagery of this that I wasn't able to assemble at the time of writing. I could compile a table full of content from this company