Nu-tec Outdoors

November 18, 2019

There are all manners of companies that operate; many markets that I didn't even know existed. I was approached by one of Minuteman Press' clients that Owned and operated a Deer Mineral company named "Nu-Tec." The client was creating some seed blends and mineral buckets that he wanted to introduce along with his existing products.

We took the theme/style that had already been developed through his business venture and expanded on that relating to each product.The first project was something called a "Buck Bucket," which is a game management mineral product. Basically this particular combination of minerals helps deer grow healthy and strong for better game in hunting them. I'm not a hunter myself, in fact I've never shot at anything alive unless you include rubber band projectiles or airsoft, but I was able to meet the needs of our client and the "Buck Bucket" was a success for him. 

The next projects were in tandem; a ground-penetrating seed mix and a honeybee garden seed mix. I incorporated elements of each product's purpose into the designs. I used the ground as the subject of the nu-ground formula and created an interesting contrasted design that looked very polished on the finished product. The honeybee formula design incorporated a honeycomb graphic element with a photo manipulation to increase the number of bees on the label. Both products were completed at the same time and were successful for him as well.

 As a side note, this was a very interesting client to design for because of the need for it to look appealing but also to properly convey that this is not for human consumption. You need to sell the product, but you don't want to falsely convey that product as a tasty thing. Some previous iterations of these products had labeling that could easily be confused for real food.