Political Campaigns

November 18, 2019

Political Campaigns; the most American way to test a designer. At minimum; a half-dozen prospective candidates have run their printing projects through me. I've designed numerous "walk-cards" or rack cards with political bullet-points and a graphic layout that communicates a person as the central subject. It's been a challenge to do these because, more often than not, I'm completely unfamiliar with the particular candidate. There has been a handful of candidates that I had the opportunity to speak face-to-face with and I believe their products turned out much better as a result. There has been lawyer reviews of these documents at times and I've always adhered to what was required of the layout. I also created entire brand identities for at least one politician. I've presented images from various projects I've worked on and I believe these showcase an ability to meet demands of whatever is required in the way presented information. I've had tens of thousands of households across multiple municipalities receive my designs through the mail. There's a good chance if you live in or around the Roanoke area you've seen one of my designs in your mailbox.