Roanoke Nights Ad

May 4, 2016

After my professor saw all of my personal work in class, I was assigned a Roanoke Night life promotional design. It could either be a postcard design or a horizontal poster design. I had to research what would bring people downtown to enjoy what the evening has to offer. More importantly I had to figure out what downtown at night has to offer. After digging back in my archive of photos I’ve taken over the years, I found a few photos that seemed to fit the bill. After all, what 3 things to people do downtown the most? Drink, Socialize, and listen to live music. I chose the typeface that I associate most with Roanoke, which is Futura, with its round and somewhat classic styling.

I designed this layout in Adobe InDesign.


I focused heavily on the live music because of the trend in big music acts coming to the Roanoke area. I use all custom photography and used a controlled lighting situation to capture the emotion of the scene.