Spike's Hardly Lemonade

May 1, 2016

We were assigned a project near the end of the semester while already struggling to keep up with our projects. This one focused around a fictional drink product. I decided to go one step further and make the drink myself. I made my own non-alcoholic ginger beer using organic ginger, organic turbinado sugar, and organic lemon and orange. I wanted it to be a spoof on Mike’s Hard Lemonade except it’s hardly lemonade. That made it easy to pick the name. I just had to find something that rhymed with Mike’s.I decided to focus on the typography of the product and make it fun and interesting. Something I would buy if I saw it in stores. I had been long researching boxes and drink package design out of my own interest so I knew how I would package it. I wanted the packaging to have as little waste as possible. I started thinking about how the structure of the package would be used. I decided to use a CD and recycled CD case and hemp thread as structure while wrapping the box around it.